The American Legion steps up

The other day, in an add-on to a post by John about Senator Graham, I suggested that the constant attacks by the left on the way in which the U.S. military is prosecuting the war on terrorism likely were sitting less and less well with supporters of our military. In this regard, Thomas Cadmus, the National Commander of the American Legion, has written a piece castigating the ACLU for its one-sided, highly distorted assault on the military, and in particular the series of lawsuits it has filed against Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, Lt. Gen. Sanchez and others. The title of the article is “Friends of Terrorists, Foes of Boy Scouts.”
It was around this time last year that veterans re-emerged as a potent political force to the detriment of Senator Kerry. The attempt by the left to seize on isolated acts of misfeasance, and even purely accidental actions, to impugn the military, and our government generally, may now bring about a similarly potent reaction. Indeed, part of what made many veterans so determined to defeat Kerry was the memory of the scorn with which some folks treated them when they returned from Vietnam. That treatment stemmed from the cartoonish depiction, and outright slander, of our soldiers by the left and to some extent the MSM of the day. The American Legion, some 2.7 million members strong, seems determined not to witness a repeat performance.


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