For what it’s worth

I agree with Captain Ed, Lorie Byrd, Bulldog Pundit and others that conservatives should eschew Ed Klein’s story (as reported by Drudge) that Bill Clinton raped Hillary, etc. Klein has a right to include the story in his book, subject to the libel laws. But even if it’s true (and it strikes me as highly implausible and insufficiently supported even by the “evidence” Klein apparently cites), it’s not germane to Hillary’s candidacy for the Senate or President. (I know that “clever” people can construct an attenuated argument as to why it is germane, but that kind of thing is the specialty of the left and we shouldn’t play the game). There will be plenty of genuine issues of policy and, yes, character to raise against Hillary. Let’s stick to those.
JOHN adds: I haven’t followed this story closely, but from what I’ve read it appears to be an example of something that shouldn’t be published, even if the author knew for certain that it was true (which is obviously not the case here). What’s the point? I note, too, that Klein’s account apparently comes from an anonymous source, which strikes me as another example of how out of hand this practice has gotten. Journalists justify their use of anonymous sources with the fact that many people would be reluctant to “come forward” if they had to identify themselves. Yes–and that’s generally a good thing. There is a reason why many people will say things anonymously that they won’t say if they have to stand behind their assertions. Common experience tells us that claims that will only be made anonymously are often unreliable.
We got an email from a reader who questioned the fact that an ad for Klein’s book appears on this site. We accepted the ad, of course, before we knew anything about the content of the book. More generally, our policy has been not to undertake to investigate or vouch for the products and services that are advertised here, but rather to accept any advertising that is not offensive on its face. Consistent with that policy, we presumably would have accepted the ad even if we had known that the book contained content of which we disapprove.


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