Our man Cheney

We at Power Line are huge admirers of Vice President Cheney. Unfortunately, I was stuck at work last night and didn’t get to see Sean Hannity’s interview of the Vice President, which I understand Fox ran against the wall-to-wall coverage of Michael Jackson’s acquittal. But I did catch most of C-SPAN’s broadcast of Cheney’s performance at the National Press Club. Cheney did a terrific job of explaining why we need to continue holding prisoners at Gitmo and of defending our treatment of the unlawful combatants there. Those who think we’re going to close Gitmo probably thought that the administration was going to dump Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld last year. This administration isn’t cowed by liberal and MSM hysteria. That’s one of the reasons we admire it.
But my favorite moment of the evening occurred when someone asked Cheney how the White House defines excellence in journalism. The Vice President’s answer: “I’ll know it when I see it.”
UPDATE: Here is the Washington Times’ report on the Vice President’s remarks about Gitmo to the National Press Club.


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