Headline of the day

The palm goes to Charles Johnson’s Little Green Footballs, although the headline actually dates from yesterday — it’s the best of the past two days: “Not much of a leap” (on CNN anchor Riz Khan taking a position with JihadTV).
While over at LGF, please check out Charles’s characteristically unblinkered coverage of revelatory events related to the war: “Palestinians murdered innocent ‘collaborators'” (Charles asks, “How could anyone not want to give these lovely people their own sovereign state?”), “The charges against Oriana” (Oriana Fallaci goes to trial on the charge that she has defamed Islam), “Uncle Sam’s Muslim Brotherhood” (Egyptian blogger Big Pharaoh takes on Time Magazine), “Time Magazine’s model Islamic school” (Charles takes on Time Magazine), and “AP finds the T word” (I find the F word).


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