Don’t build it

Reader Janice Wilson draws our attention to the opposition of Buzz Machine (Jeff Jarvis) to the building of the International Freedom Center at Ground Zero: “A plea: Do not build the International Freedom Center.” Jarvis links to Debra Burlingame’s Take Back the Memorial site.
Burlingame first exposed the game afoot here in her Wall Street Journal column “The great Ground Zero heist.” Paul included an audio clip of Bill Bennett’s interview with Burlingame in “Leftist larceny.”
International Freedom Center president Richard Tofel responded to Burlingame’s column in “A fitting place at Ground Zero.” Michelle Malkin commented in “Battle at Ground Zero: The IFC responds.” Neil Cavuto interviewed Tofel on Your World with Neil Cavuto yesterday, although I can’t find a transcript. In his interview with Cavuto Tofel confirmed Burlingame’s indictment in every relevant respect — in the name of inspiring a commitment to freedom.
The truth here is not even obscured with the usual smoke and mirrors. The heist is now occuring in plain view, and it is a bloody outrage.
UPDATE: Robert Shurbet of Take Back the Memorial has posted a response to Tofel’s Cavuto interview together with a link to the video clip of the interview on the site’s home page. Shurbet asks: “What does ANY of this have to do with 9/11?”


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