Long as I can see the light

Our friend Mac Owens explains the military campaign underway in Iraq in his New York Post column: “Rollin’ on the rivers.” This is an important column that undertakes to explain the events of the past few months. It would have been nice if Tom Friedman had given Professor Owens a call before unloading another clueless column today: “Let’s talk about Iraq.” Ladies and gentlemen, compare and contrast. (Courtesy of RealClearPolitics.)
The allusion in the Post headline is of course to the great John Fogerty/Creedence Clearwater song “Proud Mary.” Fogerty is on tour this summer behind John Mellencamp. His tour schedule is available here. Guitar tech Tom Spaulding is part of the Fogerty tour crew and is providing tales and images from the road at Caught Up In the Fable.
UPDATE: Jeffrey Heck of Heck of an Idea comments here.
JOHN dissents: I defer to the Trunk in all things musical, but I must object to his characterization of Proud Mary as a “great song.” Familiar, yes. Beloved by bands who play at wedding receptions, yes. Less annoying in CCR’s original version than in Tina Turner’s cover, true. But “great”? Uh-uh.


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