Torture, American Style

Chris Muir’s Day By Day; click to enlarge:

This can be viewed in conjunction with my Weekly Standard article on “Koran Abuse” at Guantanamo Bay. I understand, too, that a Gitmo cookbook is coming out.
Only in America.
By the way, there is a serious point to be made here. No one thinks that playing Christina Aguilera music, shaving a guy’s beard off, and putting him in the same room with a woman are the most effective ways to extract information from a detainee. The reason why these unorthodox methods were used, obviously, is that the more effective, but less humane, techniques that have been used since time immemorial were banned by our civilian authorities, and the American military took seriously the restrictions under which they were operating. The mildness with which terrorist detainees have been treated stands as an imperishable monument to the greatness of the American spirit and the moderation of the Bush administration.


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