“Blalock’s Beauty College Has Got Your Back”

I saw this story on television last night, then forgot about it until it showed up on InstaPundit tonight. This is part of Glenn’s wonderful “pack, not a herd” series. A masked gunman tried to hold up a beauty school in Louisiana and lived to regret it:

[Beauty school employee Dianne] Mitchell tripped the robber as he tried to leave and cried aloud “get that sucker” as the group of about 20, nearly all women, some wielding curling irons, bludgeoned him until police arrived.
“You can tell the world don’t mess with the women here,” said the 53-year-old who manages the Shreveport beauty school in the 5400 block of Mansfield Road.
Jared Gipson, 24, of Shreveport was charged with armed robbery, Shreveport police said. He will be booked into the City Jail once he is released from the hospital.

The would-be robber was removed from the scene on a gurney. May all criminals fare equally poorly.


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