Blog the Live 8 Concerts!

This is a fantastic opportunity for enterprising bloggers who can respond on short notice. Bob Geldof and the Live 8 crew are making available backstage passes for a limited number of bloggers to attend, and blog about, all of the upcoming Live 8 concerts. If you are interested in attending either the Philadelphia concert or the London concert–both Saturday night, July 2–send us an email ASAP at [email protected]
Here is another remarkable opportunity: The G8 summit will take place at Gleneagles, 40 miles north of Edinburgh, UK, from July 6 to 8. Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines has donated his airplane to fly the Live 8 crew from New York to Edinburgh and back, and up to five bloggers will be given the opportunity to fly to Edinburgh and back with the Live 8 group. The idea is to blog the trip, including the beginning of the G8 summit. The flight departs from JFK in New York at 7 p.m. on July 3; the same airplane will bring the bloggers and whoever else back to New York on July 7. Lodging in or near Edinburgh will also be provided. Again, if you’re interested in making the trip, drop us an email. We’ll have more specifics on the logistics soon.
Bloggers, please pass this notice on so that it reaches the maximum number of bloggers quickly, as time is obviously of the essence.
And you can check out Technorati’s new Live 8 page here.


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