Democrats Found Guilty

Democratic Party officials in East St. Louis, Illinois have been convicted of massive voter fraud in last November’s election. The local jury convicted them of, among other things, paying people to vote Democratic. This is, really, only the tip of the iceberg; still to come is an attempted murder trial arising out of the effort by a Democratic Party official to murder a witness who threatened to blow the whistle on the Democratic official’s corruption. Based on press accounts, I understand that in the attempted murder case, the prosecution will offer into evidence photographs that were shown to the Democratic Party official, which appeared to show the dead body of the witness whom the official had ordered murdered.
Voter fraud has been a key part of the Democratic Party’s electoral strategy for years. Will criminal prosecutions slow down the Democrats’ efforts to commit fraud in future elections? I doubt it, but it is good to see ordinary citizens rising up, through the criminal justice system, to bring the Democratic Party to heel.


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