Summer blockbusters

Creative juices are flowing somewhat more freely in the blogosphere than in Hollywood. Evidence of inspiration can be found at the New Partisan in Ed Driscoll’s essay positing that the last film of Orson Welles — he of “The War of the Worlds” radio broadcast — foreshadowed the rise of Michael Moore, Al Sharpton, Ward Churchill, and other media-fueled charlatans: “M for fake: Welles, Moore and other tricksters.”
On a related note, Andy Borowitz reports today’s good news in a Jewish World Review column: “Tom Cruise bids farewell to earth.” While over at JWR, you might also want to check out the speech by Italian journalist Fiamma Nirenstein: “How I became an unconscious fascist.”
At Confederate Yankee, Bob Owens tells the story of his close encounter with Beth Quinn of the Middletown (NY) Times-Herald Record regarding her column on the Downing Street Memos: “You ain’t seen huffin’ like the flighty Quinn.” Bob writes:

Due to your long-running battle with the mental giants of the Star Tribune editorial board, I thought you might find interesting a developing blogger vs. newspaper battle 60 miles north of Ground Zero. An ultra-liberal columnist of the Middletown (NY) Times Herald-Record by the name of Beth Quinn wrote a hysterical anti-Bush screed called “Proof is in the Memo: Soldiers Died for a Lie.” She tried to use the Downing Street Memos as evidence…but caught red-handed by yours truly, misrepresenting the context of the first DSM, and compounded it by refusing to mention that two of the other six documents flatly refuted her primary claim.

The story told by Owens returns us to the theme of fakery that runs though Driscoll’s essay.


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