London, Tampa, Netanya

Tony Blankley’s column this morning takes a look at the abnormal return to normality within hours of the London terror bombings last week: “Short memories, politically correct lies.” At the trial of terror professor Sami al-Arian in federal court in Tampa, the prosecutors are confronting the lies that flourish in the camouflage of the political correctness Blankley detects. Yesterday the prosecutors offered a video of al-Arian in action as North American head of Palestinian Islamic Jihad: “Tape shows al-Arian in support of jihad.”
Yesterday al-Arian’s PIJ buddies were at work in Israel: “Death toll in Netanya bombing rises to 4.” In the Jerusalem Post, where I went in search of the latest news on the PIJ bombing in Netanya, Mark Steyn expands on the gist of Blankley’s column as well as on one of the points I sought to make yesterday in “Washington, London, Jerusalem”: “The Israelification of Europe.”
UPDATE: Tom Pavluvcik also forwards this link to the St. Petersburg Times account of the al-Arian video introduced into evidence at al-Arian’s trial yesterday: “Rally video a blow to al-Arian defense.”


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