Surprise in Store?

ABC News is reporting that, according to an unnamed source, Judge Edith Clement is not President Bush’s Supreme Court choice. So I guess we’ll all have to tune in and see what happens.
UPDATE: If you want rumors, we’ve got ’em. The latest is that the source of the report that Clement is not the nominee is Clement herself, via one of her clerks. Plus, Michael Luttig and his family are rumored to be in Washington. Take it for what it’s worth, which is most likely nothing.
Hugh Hewitt has staged a coup and commandeered a six-hour time slot tonight to talk about Bush’s nominee. I will be on Hugh’s show at around 10:00 central time, along with the Trunk, if he’s available. I had printed off a bunch of stuff about Judge Clement to read in anticipation of her nomination, but now I guess I’ll recycle it.
DEACON adds: I’m in the same boat, being tentatively scheduled to talk about the nominee tomorrow morning on Brian Lehrer’s show on WNYC in New York at around 10:20 eastern time. I’ve put aside the Clement opinions for now.
My understanding is that the White House put Clement’s name out last night and gave various groups the opportunity for final comment. It received a fair amount of negative feedback from conservatives.