Plame’s Boss

In the New York Post, Deborah Orin reports:

Outed CIA spy Valerie Plame last fall gave a campaign contribution to go toward an anti-Bush fund-raising concert starring Bruce Springsteen, it was revealed last night.
It’s the first revelation that Plame participated in anti-Bush political activity while working for the CIA.
The $372 donation to the anti-Bush group America Coming Together, first reported by Time magazine’s Web site, was made in Plame’s married name of Valerie E. Wilson and covered two tickets.
The Federal Election Commission record lists her occupation as “retired” even though she’s still a CIA staffer. Under employer it says: “N.A.”

I wonder if Sprinsteen might have sung “Incident on 57th Street” that night with Joe Wilson in the audience:

And the pimps swung their axes and said, “Johnny, you’re a liar.”

(Courtesy of Lucianne.)
UPDATE: At NRO Rob Long discloses a bit more of the evidence: “Listening in.”


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