Anti-Americanism Waning In Europe

The Washington Times reports that Germany’s elections, scheduled for next month, may bring about a realignment in the European Union, with Jacques Chirac’s dream of a French-German anti-American alliance in tatters:

A new power lineup in the heart of Europe is expected after the forthcoming German elections, with more accent on trans-Atlantic relations and the role of East European countries.
According to French and German assessments, such a dramatic change would reflect disappointment with French President Jacques Chirac’s anti-Americanism and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder’s political weakness.
Some German analysts say Mr. Chirac’s strident opposition to the Iraq war has created a dangerous rift across Europe, pushing the new East European union members toward the United States rather than toward Western Europe.
The new orientation is expected to crystallize after Sept. 18 parliamentary elections in Germany, with polls showing that voters favor the conservatives and their leader, Angela Merkel.


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