Whatever one might say about George Soros

he’s smart enough not to throw good money after bad. Thus, The Washington Post reports that the leftist outfit he put on the map, “America Coming Together,” is falling apart. George Soros and Peter Lewis dumped almost $40 million into this group, which eventually collected approximately $200 million for the 2004 campaign. As the Post’s Thomas Edsall notes:

By all measures but one, ACT [was] a great success, helping to turn out record numbers of new voters. But that one measure was the one that counted. After Bush’s reelection and GOP gains in the House and Senate, Soros and Lewis pulled the plug on their support.

America Coming Together apparently will linger on as a “research” outfit.
UPDATE: Byron York at NRO has more. ACT does appear to have contributed to high Democratic turnout in several key states, which arguably made the election much closer in electoral vote terms than the popular vote suggests it should have been. I doubt that we’ve seen the last of this kind of organization.


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