What’s Iran got to do with, Part II

On Saturday, John linked to a piece about Iran by Jack Kelly on his blog Irish Pennants. John focused on Kelly’s discussion of how the CIA appears to be using a dubious assessment of Iran’s ability to develop nuclear weapons for the purpose of undercutting the administration’s contention that this prospect is an urgent concern.
The flip side of Kelly’s analysis is that the administration may be trying to “prepare public opinion for action against Iran.” Kelly thinks that this may explain why, in the wake of last week’s bombing that killed so many Ohio reservists, military intelligence let it be known that large shipments of high explosives are entering Iraq from Iran, something that his been going on unremarked for some time. And a perceived need on the part of the CIA to influence the public not support military action against Iran may explain why the CIA leaked its assessment.
It’s far from clear to me that the administration has any plans to attack Iran. It’s also far from clear that we have any other workable means of preventing this terror-supporting fundamentalist regime from going nuclear and from continuing to export terror into Iraq.


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