Live from Crawford

Gene Allen is our man in Crawford covering the Cindy Sheehan media circus this week. Gene has sent us photos that provide a somewhat broader context to the local scene than you will find in the news.
The photo below depicts the sign posted by a neighbor to Camp Casey.
The photo below depicts the gate to the property of President Bush’s neighbor Larry. Larry is the fellow who fired the shot expressing indignation over the media circus engulging Crawford. Gene advises that the “help” Larry wants is warding off the moonbats.
larry's gate.jpg
Larry was in the part the subject of a November 2002 Texas Monthly article about President Bush’s Crawford neighbors. The article is available online to TM subscribers. If you have access to it, will you please send us the relevant pararagraphs for an update?
The photo below depicts a sign posted by the neighbord nearest to the roadside crosses. The neighbor does not agree with the anti-Bush protesters.
The photo below depicts the crosses that have been in the news. Gene notes that news photos crop out the road — some crosses and flags are within 12 inches of the road. The road is very narrow with no shoulders.
See also David Gelernter’s Los Angeles Times column: “Who speaks for Casey Sheehan?” (Courtesy of RealClearPolitics.)
UPDATE: Gregg Geil writes from Austin:

Here is the passage from the Texas Monthly article about Larry, President Bush’s neighbor in Crawford.
“I BET OL’ GEORGE HATES all this nonsense,” said his neighbor, Larry Mattlage, on my last day in Crawford. Larry has never met the president, but his proximity to George W. Bush means that he thinks about the man a great deal. As we talked, Larry leaned on a cedar fence post, squinting in the noonday sun, and pointed out landmarks on the Bush ranch, three quarters of a mile away. On the northernmost side of the ranch ran the Middle Bosque River: a stream of gin-clear water that threaded its way through the prairie grass, past thick stands of cedar elm and burr oak. Farther west was the original ranch house


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