Bomb Threat in Crawford

Our correspondent Gene Allen reports that just a few minutes ago, an unidentified man telephoned the Yellow Rose Gift Shop in Crawford, Texas and said, “Your shop is going up in smoke, you better get out now.” Law enforcement is on the scene.
Gene describes the Yellow Rose as “a pro-Bush gift shop with a Ten Commandments monument out front. It is located across the street from the Coffee Station, down the street from the Crawford Peace House.”
I don’t suppose any of those peace-loving folks would have anything to do with a bomb threat.
UPDATE: Gene has more:

Last night there was a tiff between the anti-war protestors and Bush supporters in Crawford. The owner of the Yellow Rose stepped in to break it up. Law enforcement arrested one anti-war protestor and he reportedly remains in jail. Police are investigating whether today’s threat is connected to last night’s incident.
My source will be sending digital photos and I hope my 1gb mailbox is sufficient.
She also took video and will burn a DVD to send me.

We’ll pass on any new developments tomorrow.


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