Knuckling under

ABC and its Washington D.C. affiliate WMAL have fired conservative talk show host Michael Graham. They did so under pressure from the group Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), after Graham had opined that Islam is a terrorist organization.
Graham’s statement is incorrect (Islam is a religion not a terrorist organization) and offensive to some. However, many statements made on talk radio are incorrect and offensive. And Graham did not dream up the relationship between Islam and terrorism. It seems to me that ABC and WMAL unwisely have knuckled under to pressure exerted by a group, members of which have themselves been linked to terrorism, and whose top officials reportedly have expressed the desire that Islam be the “highest authority” in of the United States.
Via LaShawn Barber.
UPDATE: Andrew McCarthy at NRO sums it up nicely when he says that Graham’s offense “was worthy of a wince, not a pink slip. In firing him, ABC not only chooses sides


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