Gaza only

P. David Hornik in FrontPage Magazine shows how Secretary of State Rice is following in the unfortunate footsteps of former Secretary of State Baker and the Clinton administration by insisting that, with respect to Israeli withdrawals, “it cannot be Gaza only.” As Hornik notes, the accommodationist policies of the past two administrations “sunk Israel into death, mayhem, and continuous warfare and the Palestinians into poverty, dictatorship, and genocidal depravity.”
But the current administration’s embrace of this approach is less excusable than that of its predecessors. For one thing, the adminisration fails to learn from the mistakes of the past. Even more importantly, the present acommodationism occurs in the context of the administration’s vow to combat terrorism wherever it’s found. Secretary Rice should hope that the effective ceding of territory to terrorist groups such as Hamas will indeed be confined to Gaza only.


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