Hell sucks

Today’s post by Michael Yon on the battle in Mosul is a great piece of war reportage: “Gates of fire.” (Thanks to Hugh Hewitt and Michelle Malkin, apologies to Michael Herr.)
Check Stryker Brigade News for the latest on the condition of Lt. Col. Erik Kurilla.
JOHN adds: I’m late to this party; I’ve been hearing about Michael Yon for a while, but haven’t taken the time to check him out, until now. It’s all true: his reporting is immediate, direct, eloquent. In a sane world, every major newspaper in America would be clamoring to publish his stuff. But almost every major newspaper in America is committed to the proposition that we aren’t really in a war, so they aren’t interested. You just can’t get reporting like Yon’s unless you seek it out on the web. Please do!
For immediacy and authenticity, try this:
There is much, much more on Yon’s site, linked above.
SCOTT adds: Mike Daley writes:

You really should be adding the info that his great reporting is supported by blog readers, his and others. Calling attention to his paypal account will assist him so much in continuing to bring truth to us regarding Iraq!

Yon’s PayPal link is here.


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