The Krugman correction

See the post by Michelle Malkin on two corrections issued by Paul Krugman regarding his two most recent, deeply deceitful columns: “The Krugman correction.” The “corrections” (one of which is botched, as Michelle explains) are appended to Krugman’s column today. As usual, Michelle has the appropriate quotes and an exhaustive set of links.
The Minneapolis Star Tribune ran the first of the two Krugman columns leading to today’s “corrections” this past Sunday. Readers of the Star Tribune will remain in their cloud of unknowing for the indefinite future. If and when a correction ever arrives in the Star Tribune, my guess is that it will be buried and incomprehensible, unless the Star Tribune simply runs today’s Krugman column with its “corrections.” Among the corrections to which the Star Tribune has attended on a more timely basis is this one from Wednesday:


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