The limits of MSM carping

Glenn Reynolds cites an ABC News poll which indicates that the American public is resisting the leftist/MSM attacks on President Bush regarding the federal response to Katrina. The poll results suggest that people get the fact that the local response was worse than the federal one; that (as is almost always the case when a bureaucracy must face a massive crisis) the initial federal response left something to be desired; and that Bush isn’t to blame.
Now that the federal response has ramped up and is producing results, there’s a good chance that the public will come to view it, and the president, more favorably. Of course, the left and the MSM will be looking for new things to second guess and individual tragedies to exploit, but (in the words of the ABC story) the American public is inclined to be more hopeful than discontented. Come to think of it, that’s a pretty good explanation for the problems the left and the MSM face.


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