Ed Morrissey vs. the New York Times

It is, of course, no contest. Ed takes the Times to task for its reporting on “bus problems” in Louisiana. At one point, the Times quotes Governor Blanco “burst[ing] into the state’s emergency center” and yelling, “Does anybody in this building know anything about buses?” Blanco knew nothing about buses, and neither, apparently, do the Times reporters.
But everyone who reads blogs–conservative blogs, anyway–knows about the hundreds of buses that were available to the local authorities, were supposed to be used by the local authorities to carry out the evacuation of New Orleans, but were not used by the local authorities. Here are some of them; probably nearly all of our readers have aleady seen this and similar photos of the unused buses:
The Times reporters actually penned this howler:

Yet the federal, state and local officials who had failed to round up buses in advance were now in a frantic hunt. It would be two more days before they found enough to empty the shelters.

Yes, those hundreds of buses sitting idle are hard to spot, all right. The Times’ reporters either don’t know the facts, and didn’t take the trouble to do any significant research in preparing their story, or else they know about the bus fiasco but don’t want their readers to know.


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