Supreme Court Watch

Robert Novak reports that President Bush “met secretly” with Judge Priscilla Owen last week. Novak also mentions Edith Jones (5th Circuit), Karen Williams (4th Circuit), and Michigan Supreme Court Justice Maura Corrigan as conservative women who may be under consideration for the all-important O’Connor seat. Novak attributes the report about Judge Owen to “White House sources;” it isn’t clear whether these additional names came from the White House or not.
Judge Jones would make a fine Justice, but, as Novak notes, she is probably too old for the nomination at 56. Novak says that Edith Clement, reportedly the runner-up to John Roberts in the last go-round, didn’t impress President Bush in her interview with him and is now out of the picture. Which is fine with us, if true, since she doesn’t have much of a record as a conservative.
PAUL adds: I’ve heard some Owen-buzz lately, as well. Jones is my first choice in this group. Her selection actually would produce the all-out war that hasn’t materialized (at least not yet) with respect to John Roberts. Karen Williams would also be a good selection, although there are two men on her court (Luttig and Wilkinson) whom I prefer. I’m not familiar with Corrigan.


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