Welcome to Big Lizards!

One of the great things about this site is the friends we’ve made. Some we’ve actually met; others are friends-by-correspondence. Dafydd ab Hugh is in the latter category (for me, anyway, it occurs to me that he and Deacon have met). Dafydd was an early Power Line reader and has inhabited the blogosphere for a long time. He’s guest-posted on Captain’s Quarters and Patterico’s Pontifications, and we have often quoted his insightful emails to us. For a long time we’ve encouraged Dafydd to start his own blog, and he’s told us that he’s working on it. As of last night, his site–Big Lizards–has gone live.
Big Lizards is a gorgeous site, with a reptilian theme that I think reflects Dafydd’s experience as a science fiction writer. Only the blog is active so far, but more is to come: fiction, movie criticism, and more. So check it out; knowing Dafydd’s fertile mind, Big Lizards will be frequently updated!


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