Exit Poll Says Schroeder Out

A German exit poll indicates that German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder’s government has been voted out.
Of course, as we know, exit polls are anything but infallible. Stay tuned for hard returns.
Via Power Line News, where I go periodically throughout the day to stay on top of breaking news.
UPDATE: Davids Medienkritik has preliminary results and commentary. The totals so far indicate Merkel’s Christian Democrats outpolling Schroeder’s Social Democrats. Nevertheless, David interprets the results as a setback for the CDU. The Free Democrats, a relatively conservative pro-business party, did much better than expected. David forecasts a coalition government in which the left will play an unfortunately prominent role.
MORE: CNN International reports that both Merkel and Schroeder have vowed to try to put together ruling coalitions. As I read the results, it doesn’t appear that the votes are there for either a center-right or a center-left coalition.
THE LATEST: Then again, maybe not. The latest exit poll suggests that Schroeder’s SDP may actually get more seats than the Christian Democrats. If so, it’s a pretty bleak result.
STILL MORE: With 80% of the vote apparently counted, we are back where we started, with Merkel’s Christian Democrats reported to have a “small lead.”


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