Some jolt of reality

Here is the opening sentence of the Washington Times’ lead editorial “Anarchoterror in Gaza”:

To people of goodwill who want to see an Israeli-Palestinian peace settlement, the anarchy and chaos that have engulfed Gaza since Israel uprooted its settlements and withdrew its military has been a very ugly jolt of reality.

I would amend the sentence to read that anyone for whom the anarchy and chaos in Gaza provides a jolt of reality should be too embarrassed to ever again write on the subject of Israel and Palestine.
The Times continues:

If the situation along the Gaza-Egypt border continues to deteriorate, Mr. Sharon faces a very difficult choice: In the absence of a Palestinian security force willing to prevent Palestinian terror, does he allow Hamas to continue rebuilding the terrorist infrastructure that the Israeli military largely destroyed in the war that lasted from 2000 until 2004, knowing that, by doing so, he runs the risk that Hamas will be in a better position to target Israelis in the near future? Or, does Israel take pre-emptive military action against the terrorists, knowing that he will be blamed for failing to “give diplomacy a chance”?

That anyone would consider this “a very difficult choice” demonstrates that, for some, there has been no “jolt of reality.” I hope that Prime Minister Sharon is not among this group, but I suspect that he is.


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