Senator Leahy rejects the Kool Aid

I thought that Senator Patrick Leahy, the ranking Democratic member of the Senate Judiciary, conducted himself well during the Roberts confirmation hearings. Now he has announced that he will vote to confirm Judge Roberts. This, presumably, will give other Democrats cover in voting for Roberts, thus increasing the margin of victory.
At one level, Leahy’s decision can be viewed as bad news because a substantial Democratic vote for Roberts will enhance the party’s credibility when (very soon) it comes time to deal with the next nominee. Ultimately, however, responsible behavior is always better than its irresponsible counterpart, regardless of the identity of the actor. In any case, we still have Senator Reid to kick around.
UPDATE: Puppet-master Ralph Neas isn’t taking the news well. Indeed, it sounds like he wants to bring criminal charges:

When John Roberts becomes Chief Justice and votes to erode or overturn longstanding Supreme Court precedents protecting fundamental civil rights, women’s rights, privacy, religious liberty, reproductive rights and environmental safeguards, Senator Leahy’s support for Roberts will make him complicit in those rulings, and in the retreat from our constitutional rights and liberties.


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