A strange old respect, Part Two

I have a tough time understanding why some conservative pundits continue to regard E.J. Dionne as something other than a crude, knee-jerk left-wing partisan. Except for the absence of obscene language, most of his columns would be right at home on the Daily Kos or any other vulgar, mindless leftist blog.
Today, Dionne tries to compensate for the absence of obscenity by calling the Bush administration’s tax cuts “stupid” — by which he says he means “incoherent.” But, in characteristic Dionne fashion, he immediately contradicts himself by claiming that the tax cuts are an unabashed attempt by rich politicians to put money in the hands of rich people. If so, the tax cuts are not incoherent.
Dionne never bothers to consider the stated rationale for the tax cuts — to stimulate the economy and keep it stimulated. One can argue about whether or to what extent tax cuts have that effect. One can argue about whether or to what extent we should sacrifice economic growth during time of war. But Dionne doesn’t want to argue about this. He just wants to vent — leftist blogger style — by calling the administration stupid when he means greedy.


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