I, mom, take 2

Kirk Sowell of Window on the Arab World, and More! writes:

I have just posted a rather long entry on Karen Hughes and what I view as the flawed framework through which the public diplomacy issue is typcially dealt with. Since you know the background you can skim parts of the post and look at my analysis of the origins of Arab anti-Americanism based on my study of Arab history and the Arab media. I also include a full translation from an op-ed in the Islamist newspaper Al-Quds al-Arabi which I think reflects how this is being viewed in much of the Arab media.
Incidentally, I read the Weekly Standard article to which you linked [in “I, mom”] and was not more impressed with her tour at all; it actually reinforced my impression that, whatever talents Karen Hughes may have, she is not qualified for this job. She actually came off as being pretty naive as to how the soundbites she was repeating would come off.
The Hughes post will remain near the top of my blog for at least a couple of days: “America in the world: The flawed mission of Karen Hughes.”


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