Elitist, moi?

Conservatives critics of the Miers nomination are facing a bit of a backlash. Some are accusing us of elitism. Brit Hume had some fun with me on that score when I had the privilege of meeting him in the green room before I appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s show. He noted that the one thing the Miers critics have in common is the Ivy League.
Miers’ law school is completely irrelevant as far as I’m concerned. I started touting Karen Williams last Novemeber. She graduated from the University of South Carolina law school although, because the calibre of the law school is irrelevant, I didn’t know this until tonight. Like most conservatives, I would have been happy with Priscilla Owen, a Baylor law grad. Some conservatives now criticizing the Miers appointment were promoting Maura Corrigan, a graduate of the University of Detroit law school. Others were praising Alice Batchelder who graduated from the University of Akron.
If Miers had a record of strong conservative writing, judicial or otherwise, I’d be supporting her wholeheartedly. And I’d be cool on any nominee with no such track record, regardless of pedigree.


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