A cowgirl conservative?

Our friend Dafydd ab Hugh thinks that President Bush nominated Harriet Miers because he sees her as a female Ronald Reagan. He means that Bush regards Miers as a “cowboy conservative” — those “intelligent but non-intellectual (even anti-intellectual) folks who don’t try to articulate their conservativeness… they simply live it.”
Could be, although you don’t find too many true cowboy types heading up bar organizations, even in Texas. In any case, isn’t that the kind of conservative Sandra Day O’Connor was, or seemed to be, back in the early 1980s?
JOHN adds: If memory serves, O’Connor was an actual, not figurative, cowgirl. And see how far that got us. I do think, though, that Bush nominated Miers because he believes that she is a conservative in his own mold, which is reasonably well described by Dafydd’s term.


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