Condoleezza eyes

I’ve written about the fabulous Jackie DeShannon here several times, most recently this past August in “What the world needs now.” It’s hard to pick a favorite from her extensive catalogue, but I think it’s fair to say that “Bette Davis Eyes” is not the best song she ever wrote. It may have been her biggest hit, however, when Kim Carnes put it over for her in 1981. In any event, “Bette Davis Eyes” has inspired reader Russ Vaughn in a big way. Russ writes:

American Thinker is my usual forum, but reading you tonight, I had this inspiration when I read your piece on Condoleezza’s eyes. I know you guys are music oriented, so read the lyrics below while humming under your breath Kim Carnes’s “Bette Davis Eyes.”

Are you humming? Here we go:

Her hair is so not right,
Her lips just dripping lies,
Her heart is cold as ice,
She’s got Condoleezza eyes.
She turns the neocons on,
They think she’s white as Rice,
She’s pure as Afghan snow,
She’s got Condoleezza eyes.

Her eyes’ll freeze you,
They’ll unease you,
All the better to displease you.
She’s ferocious,
And she knows just what it
Takes to make a pol blush.
She loves to hear the liberals cry;
She’s got Condoleezza eyes.

She’ll let you take her pic;
It whets her appetite.
She’ll flay you to the bone,
If you screw up her eyes.
She’ll sic the bloggers on you,
Be like white on rice,
Until your rep’s in rags,
She’s got Condoleezza eyes.

She’ll expose you,
When she throws you,
Off your feet like the bum she knows you;
She’s ferocious,
And she knows what it takes to make a pol blush;
All the libs think she’s a spy,
She’s got Condoleezza eyes.

What can I say? We’re not worthy…

JOHN adds: What the heck, we may as well go all the way with this thing. Reader John Redhed supplied this marvelous image of Condoleezza eyes:



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