Get his mojo working (in four steps with two bonus tracks)

In his Wonder Land column this morning, Daniel Henninger proposes a “Four-step program” for President Bush to “get his mojo back.” The Journal runs a related editorial on the Miers nomination.


The concept of “mojo” was introduced to popular consciousness by the great blues artist Muddy Waters (McKinley Morganfield) in “Got My Mojo Working” (his trademark song, recorded several times). The definitive version of the song is the live version on the reissued “Fathers and Sons” recording that Muddy cut with Paul Butterfield, Michael Bloomfield, and Otis Spann in 1969. On “Fathers and Sons” it comes in two parts, “Got My Mojo Working Part One” and “Got My Mojo Working Part Two,” recorded live in Chicago at the Super Cosmic Joyscout Jamboree. Muddy and the gang take it to the limit on that one, a glorious moment in the history of Western civilization. I won’t go so far as to add a fifth step to Henninger’s four, but cranking the volume and giving it a listen can’t hurt the effort.


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