Justice Enoch speaks

Tim Chapman of Townhall has written to let us know that Townhall has posted a transcript of the telephone briefing today by Texas Supreme Court Justice Craig Enoch on Harriet Miers. The transcript is available here. The briefing was organized by the Republican National Committee. I understand that Paul participated in the call and was able to ask one of the questions.

PAUL adds: Justice Enoch was impressive and credible. He assured us that Harriet Miers would be a sound conservative judge. President Bush has already told us the same thing, but it was good to hear it from a judge with decades of distinguished legal experience.

The problem is that conservatives have not been well-served by the model in which good people vouch for the soundness of relatively obscure nominees. The vastly preferable model is one in which we can assess the soundness of the nominee through his or her record and/or affiliation with conservative causes. That doesn’t mean that Miers wouldn’t make a good Justice or that she should not be confirmed. But it does mean that this is a risky nomination.


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