Saddam Goes On Trial

Is it just me, or has there been astonishingly little interest in the trial of Saddam Hussein, which is scheduled to start tomorrow? Apparently there will be a series of proceedings in which different “crimes” will be prosecuted. The first one deals with the 1982 killing of approximately 150 Shia after an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate Saddam.

I’d like to see the prosecutors lead off with something more recent, but reportedly this charge was the simplest one to put together. Many, including Iraq’s Prime Minister, have criticized the delay in bringing Saddam and his associates to trial. At least, though, the Iraqis are trying him themselves, rather than turning him over to an international tribunal like the International Court of Justice. Which has caused some brows to be furrowed:

Last week, the New York-based Human Rights Watch warned that the tribunal “runs the risk of violating international standards for fair trials.”

I think that of all the risks currently being run in Iraq, that is one of the slightest.

Via Power Line News.


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