Twilight of the Bow-Ties

Far be it from me to slight George Will’s contributions to the conservative movement, but it’s time to recognize, I think, that the torch has passed to a new generation. Tonight, somewhat ironically, it’s Dafydd ab Hugh’s Big Lizards that commits Will’s latest polemic to the trash heap of history. (Somehow, a lot of these phrases are sounding familiar). It’s ironic, in that Big Lizards is dedicated to extinct saurases, while in fact it’s Dafydd’s adversary who is perilously close to extinction. The topic of the debate is George Bush, Harriet Miers, and the Supreme Court.

Judge for yourself who is arguing, and who is too tired to do anything but sneer.

I wrote our weekly Weekly Standard column on the subject of Ms. Miers and her critics’ discontents–or something like that–with emphasis on, what is to be done? My conclusion is quite different from Mr. Will’s. We will link when the piece is up on the Standard’s site.


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