Calling A Terrorist A Terrorist

This story in the Jerusalem Post is interesting on several levels. It is noteworthy that more than 10,000 Hizbollah supporters turned out in Lebanon for the funeral of three terrorists who were killed by the IDF a few days ago. It is interesting that Hizbollah’s leader, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, announced that “It is our natural right to capture Israeli soldiers. Indeed it is our duty to do that. It is something we might do one day.” (Actually, they just tried to do it, which is why three Hizbollah members required funerals.)

But what is most interesting to me is that the article is an Associated Press dispatch, datelined Beirut. And its author, I’d guess a Lebanese AP stringer, has no compunction about characterizing Hizbollah properly:

A mass demonstration and funeral was held Friday afternoon in southern Beirut for three Hizbullah terrorists killed in a Monday attempt to infiltrate Israel and kidnap IDF soldiers. ***

Earlier Friday, International Red Cross vehicles brought the three bodies to the border crossing where they were transferred to Lebanese ambulances as UN peacekeepers monitored the process and Hizbullah terrorists in black uniforms saluted the caskets.

Four terrorists were killed and 11 Israeli soldiers were wounded in Monday’s fighting on the south Lebanon border, the worst in several years. Israeli warplanes and artillery bombarded Hizbullah positions, and the terrorists fired missiles at Israeli military outposts.

Three terrorists were killed by an IDF sharpshooter crossing into Israel, while a fourth was wounded and retrieved by his comrades, but died on the Lebanese side.

Lebanon demanded the return of the bodies to defuse tensions in the border region, where Israeli troops on Wednesday also fired at Hizbullah terrorists apparently trying to capture an Israeli civilian who drifted across the border in a hang glider and landed inside Lebanon. He managed to run back to Israel.

In Hizbullah’s southern Beirut stronghold, the Shiite Muslim militant group’s leader, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, warned that his terrorists will keep trying to capture Israeli soldiers.

Well, you get the drift. It would be great if other AP correspondents (not to mention those from Reuters and AFP) would follow this reporter’s example and call terrorists terrorists. I’m afraid it’s more likely, though, that this Beirut stringer will be subjected to sensitivity training.


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