Here’s Another One

An article by Douglas Jehl in today’s New York Times begins:

A classified report issued last year by the Central Intelligence Agency’s inspector general warned that interrogation procedures approved by the C.I.A. after the Sept. 11 attacks might violate some provisions of the international Convention Against Torture, current and former intelligence officials say.

The previously undisclosed findings from the report, which was completed in the spring of 2004, reflected deep unease within the C.I.A. about the interrogation procedures, the officials said.

Another CIA leak of a classified report, presumably by Democrats within the agency who are continuing their war against the Bush administration. The Plame saga has established that leaking classified CIA information is a serious crime, right? So: refer this leak to the Attorney General for investigation. Jehl should be put under oath and asked who his sources–“current and former intelligence officials”–were. Then those sources should be criminally prosecuted, and jailed.

It has become painfully evident that the only thing the CIA excels at is Washington infighting. Maybe if we shut off the torrent of leaks passing from anti-Bush Democrats in the Agency to reporters at the New York Times and Washington Post, the CIA might turn its attention from politics back to intelligence work.


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