Hot Petition

Scott Hennen of WDAY’s Hot Talk writes:

I have an idea. I’m fed up with Democrats and Republicans not supporting the President and our troops with the war effort in Iraq. So what better way to stop it than a grassroots Talkradio/Blogosphere led effort to gather signatures and call on Congress to STOP THE MADNESS? I floated the idea by email to Sean Hannity to lead the talk radio effort…he mentioned it on-air and said “great idea and we can deliver them to the desks of every member of Congress.” I’d love it if Power Line would lead the effort from the Blogosphere.

I mentioned it twice on-air Thursday morning and gathered over 300 signatures already. But it’s too important to have one lonely little ND/MN/SD talk show host lead this. Here’s the petition (sign at the bottom), explained at my blog here.

In the update to the linked post, Scott reports that he has already collected in excess of 2000 signatures. Please take a look and consider expressing your support.

NOTE: I wrote Scott in response to a reader question about the petition’s request for additional information for a commercial offer. Scott has responded:

After you click submit, you Just X out of the offer, but the signature is in. I posted a note to ignore anything after submit.

We’re over 5000 now…on fire, so must understand to just ignore any pop-ups that solicit after signature is submitted. Also I have a second petition set up here that has no pop-ups and works with all browsers, so feel free to link that as an alternative or sole link if you wish.

Like you guys, I’d never violate listeners/readers trust with a scam….I guess it’s our Midwest ethics…all the best and thanks again!

With Scott’s response, I’m reposting this item and inviting your support.


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