John Kerry’s State Department

Today’s New York Sun editorial is a “reported” editorial in the tradition of the Wall Street Journal’s late, great Robert Bartley: “John Kerry’s State Department.”

UPDATE: Robert Keenum writes:

The “reported” editorial in the Sun is both shallow and ignorant. It is shallow in that it resorts to guilt by association. Even if Nick Burns would be in a Kerry cabinet, he is a career Foreign Service Officer, not a political appointee. He has risen to his position on diplomatic talent, not party politics. The ignorance, and that is giving them credit for pure motives, comes in not remembering that Nick worked in the Bush I White House with the, then, head of the Russia desk, Condoleezza Rice. His ascent to his current post would be because Secretary Rice has confidence in his ability and character, not because he is a stalking horse for the Democrats. I defy anyone to provide an example of a public utterance that reveals Undersecretary Burns’s personal politics. He takes his role as a representative of the United States seriously and I have never heard or read a speech that contradicted the policy of the president he was serving. If the New York Sun has evidence of such, they failed to provide it. This is an unsupported slur of a good man. No wonder we have trouble finding good people to fill public posts.


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