Plumbing the Depths of Evil

The depravity of our enemies is hard, sometimes, to grasp fully. Today’s news includes this reminder of why there is no alternative to victory in the war against Islamic terrorism:

The Iraqi army said on Thursday it had seized a number of booby-trapped children’s dolls, accusing insurgents of using the explosive-filled toys to target children.

The dolls were found in a car, each one containing a grenade or other explosive, said an army statement.

The government said that two men driving the car had been arrested in the western Baghdad district of Abu Ghraib.

“This is the same type of doll as that handed out on several occasions by US soldiers to children,” said government spokesperson Leith Kubba.

There are many Americans who don’t believe that it is a good thing for us to kill these people wherever they congregate, which, for the moment, at least, is in Iraq. For the life of me, I can’t understand why.


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