Thanks for the MEMRI

MEMRI announces that its MEMRI TV site has had over one million hits this month. It must be a genuine milestone for an organization of which few have heard. As of today the television site’s most recent post is “Al-Jazeera TV Staff in Ramallah in Anti-Bush Demonstration: Down with Fascist America.”

MEMRI has also posted a special dispatch that is of interest: “Iraqi Author: George Galloway, You Will Be Tried Just Like Your Friend and Benefactor Saddam Hussein.” MEMRI explains:

In a November 4, 2005 article on the Al-Jiran website titled “George Galloway Will Yet be Tried,” Iraqi author Fadhil Rashad called for British Member of Parliament George Galloway to stand trial for robbing from the Iraqi people.

The special dispatch consists of excerpts from the article.

UPDATE: See also George Gooding’s “Galloway old school remix.”


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