To whom it may concern

Charles Kindt writes:

It’s galling, is it not, when someone like Murtha, who, as did I, served in Vietnam when the Democrats did, IN FACT, make us cut and run, can now espouse the identical spineless, pant-wetting, humiliating, hollow and death-dealing tactic as then? What did Murtha say about the abandonment of
the South Vietnamese?

No doubt, if we did as they loudly advocate, and Iraq returned to what they now see as “the good old days,” they would be the first to scream “Bush Lost The War!” Seems to me that they were among the first, and the most strident, to criticize George H.W. Bush for not pressing the advantage during the first Gulf War, and remove Sadaam.

Simply because Murtha, or any others of us, served in the military, does not make any of us somehow prescient or wonderfully wise about all things military. However, even the most brain-dead leftist should be able to read a one paragraph historical account of what actually happens when you “cut and run,” and come away with a vague sense of the consequences.

Then again, integrity, honesty and character are not items that can be used to describe today’s left.


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