Too old not to dream

Scott has already commented on the Ariel Sharon’s decision to leave the Likud party and form a centrist party for the purpose of more easily following the “road map for peace.” At one level, the decision is stunning. However, the forces driving Sharon are not unfamiliar — the yearning of Israelis for peace with their Palestinian enemies, and an old man’s quest to leave behind a great legacy by satisfying that yearning. These, of course, are the same forces that led Yitzhak Rabin to go down the Oslo road. Indeed, it looks like Sharon’s partner eventually may be the same old dreamer who partnered with Rabin — Shimon Peres

History has a way of punishing wishful thinkers and old dreamers. That certainly was true with respect to “Oslo.” I hope it won’t be the case this time. If it is, the Likud party will be there to pick up the pieces, as Sharon did so well last time. But only after the Israelis have again paid a huge price.


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