Trouble ahead

After scouring the English-language Israeli press and the Time Magazine report on the Israeli surrender of control over the Rafah crossing between Israel and Gaza, I haven’t yet been able to confirm everthing in the harsh post at Joshuapundit condemning the deal: “…all of Israel’s security organizations send protest letters to Sharon.” The terms of the two agreements reached today are accessible here. The transcript of Secretary Rice’s joint press conference announcing the agreements is accessible here.

The Israelis have apparently delegated responsibilty for monitoring the Rafah border crossing to the European Union — an arrangement that is subsumed under the euphemism of “third-party involvement” and touted as a “big principle” by Secretary Rice. You know we’re in trouble — and that Secretary Rice is guilty of saying the thing which is not — when she commends the deals by saying “it is in everybody’s interest to cooperate to try to make sure that this is a safe crossing.”


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