Woodward vs. PincusWoodward vs. Pincus

The Washington Post reports that its assistant managing editor Bob Woodward was told by a senior White House official, “nearly a month before her identity was disclosed,” that Valerie Plame was with the CIA. Woodward so testified before a grand jury shortly after Patrick Fitzgerald indicted Scooter Libby. The article makes it clear that the White House official was not Libby, and it doesn’t appear to be Karl Rove either. According to the Post:

The testimony, however, does not appear to shed new light on whether Libby is guilty of lying and obstructing justice in the nearly two-year-old probe or provide new insight into the role of senior Bush adviser Karl Rove, who remains under investigation.

Woodward claims to have told Walter Pincus of the Post about his conversation with the White House official shortly after it occurred. Pincus appears to take issue with that claim.

Fitzgerald also questioned Pincus, as well as Post reporter Glenn Kessler. It’s my understanding that Fitzgerald did not ask the two reporters many questions, and certainly not enough to get a handle on their credibility. The questioning of Woodward apparently lasted for about two hours.


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