Hillary’s revenge, and the MSM’s complicity

In 2003, President Bush nominated Brett Kavanaugh for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. The Democrats have blocked consideration of that nomination, and Kavanaugh was not part of the group of nominees who saw the light of day after the gang of 14 deal. To add insult to injury, the Senate now has agreed, by unanimous consent, to hold over all nominations from this session except Kavanaugh’s. This means that Kavanaugh can receive future consideration (or more likely non-consideration) only if Bush renominates him.

Why is Kavanaugh being singled out for such shabbly treatment? Hugh Hewitt provides the likely explanation — Hillary Clinton has placed a hold on Kavanaugh because he served as Ken Starr’s deputy during the Clinton investigations.

A non-partisan media would want to discover whether Senator Clinton is, in fact, exacting revenge on Kavanaugh. As Hugh puts it, “if. . . Hillary [is] punishing a fine man for the sins of her husband, that’s a big story.” After all, “everything connected to Hillary, a potential presidential candidate and a major celebrity even if she declined the race, is a big story.” But the leading MSM outlets are not interested. The Washington Post, for example, appears to be ignoring the story, preferring instead (in Hugh’s words) to “ slag independent but brave correspondents roaming the Iraq-Syrian border with the Marines.”


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